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We believe that within every curious child is a potential young scientist or engineer

Our experienced research team, along with world class educational institutions, museums and other partners, develop and test educational materials for the next generation of learners . To learn more about our parent 501(c)(3) research organization, Tumblehome, Inc., please continue below. To view our publications, and to learn more about our subsidiary STEM publishing group, Tumblehome Books, visit the site www.tumblehomebooks.org and please update your bookmarks.

Funded Research Projects

Tumblehome engages in academic STEM education research as well as curriculum development projects, with our team of in-house researchers, scientists and engineers as well as in partnership with key academic organizations and non-profit institutions. We incorporate our knowledge into all the products and services we develop.

About our Organization

At Tumblehome we research the latest and most effective methods and approaches to make learning more fun, and we integrate today’s cutting edge scientific discoveries and technologies into engaging lessons designed to inspire children in formal school and OST settings.

Projects Under Development

Success Through Partnership

At Tumblehome we believe strongly in the growth through partnership – with our academic/research institutional partners as well as our donors/financial partners.

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Tumblehome is a leading publisher of …science education content… for children

– Boston Globe